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...What is this Site all About ... What is the Organizational, Navigational, and the Map Structure of this Site... How Can One Navigate Directly to the Different Sections or Places of this Site ...How Can One Publish here... What are the Publishing Policies and Guidelines... and finally, What is the Legal and the Copyright stuff for this Site...



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Overview of the Scope, Purpose and Role of the RealDeal® Science Site

Years ago, the Editor of the prestigious Physical Review Letters, to console the young Ph.Ds in Physics whose submitted papers were rejected, noted in an editorial, perhaps half jokingly, that half of all papers published in Physics journals proved to be worthless. The challenge for us here, is to see if we can figure out which half it is.

It is indeed the scope and purpose of this science site to establish a forum or an arena where --through Rational Thinking and only Rational Thinking-- prevailing or popular scientific ideas can be re-examined, debated, and ultimately challenged through singular or devil's advocate views. Beliefs, speculations, or analogies of any sort have no place in the realm of arguments and challenges to be presented here. Theories, arguments, and challenges presented here are required to be logically coherent and able to stand on their own "feet" and not supported or held up by beliefs, speculations, assumptions, presumptions, and/or analogies to other things.

The purpose for this challenge is twofold:

- one, if the theory and the foundation of a particular theoretical result can sustain the battery of challenges that it faces, this will enhance and strengthen considerably its position; and
- second, if on the other hand, the said scientific theory or idea proves to be on a shaky foundation, this will be exposed with clarity and vigor.


The role of these debates, in the end, will be to strengthen science, filtering, sorting, and separating sound, logically coherent theories and results from those which contain aberrations of logic, irrational elements, speculations, and which lack a theoretical and logical foundation for their existence.


For the policy, style, and standards to be employed in publishing here, please see, in addition, the section below entitled "Publishing Here" as well as our dedicated page devoted to this subject entitled Publication Policy which can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding button below at the end of this page.


Since Science, as anything else, does not exist in a vacuum and is influenced in some measure by Society which has to pay the ultimate bill, as well as by the various religious and cultural elements within which it must coexist, we shall examine here these intricate relationships which have been formed and, how Science has influenced and been influenced by them.


Overview of the Organizational Structure of this Site.

Five (5) major Subject-Fields form our Science Site:




 Biology; and

•  Philosophy of Science, Nature, and Religion.


Each of these five (5) Subject-Fields, in turn, are comprised of eleven (11) subject-sections and a Hall of Fame site as follows:

Two (2) Index sections, one by Subject, the other by Author;

One (1) Special section entitled The RealDeal® List (and Auxiliary List) of Most Wanted Solutions;

Five (5) Core sections entitled,

1.  The RealDeal® Foundational Inquiries;

2.  The RealDeal® Theoretical Studies;

3.  The RealDeal® Discovery Reports;

4.  The RealDeal® Focus Line: Science vs. Society, Religion; and

5.  The RealDeal® Historical Scrutinies;


Three (3) Forum sections entitled,

-  The RealDeal® Forum Letters;
-  The RealDeal® Forum Chat Rooms; and
-  The RealDeal® Forum Workshops.


Each of the five (5) Subject-Fields and each of the eleven (11) Subject-Sections plus The Hall of Fame have corresponding HomePages. A HomePage site is defined as a site from where all other related pages or sites to that Field or Section can be accessed. From the HomePage of a Field (Physics, Astronomy, and so on), we can access to all eleven (11) sections plus the Hall of Fame sites with respect to that Field. From a HomePage of a Section (The Hall of Fame,The List, Foundational Inquiries, and so on), we can access to all five (5) Subject-Fields corresponding to that Section. Each HomePage site has in its heading a Navigational Bar from where you can access to all the pages and sites associated to that HomePage.


All HomePage sites are accessed from our FrontPage science site entitled The RealDeal® Science Forum of Debates. (From anywhere in our science pages, you always can come back to our FrontPage science site by clicking on The Front Door button available at the beginning and the end of each page.)
· To access the HomePages of any of the five (5) Subject-Fields, you simply click on the respective Field (Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Philosophy) from the main Navigational Bar located in the heading of our FrontPage science site.
· To access the HomePages of any of the eleven (11) Subject-Sections, you simply click on the Icon-button associated with each Section located at the left side of the Section's Title.


As the title of our FrontPage science site may reveal, the central and underlying theme of this entire science site is focused on debating issues. Each Core Section (as identified above) and each Subject-Field of this publication has dedicated portions and pages devoted to the Issues for Debates. In fact, almost everything published here is in response to a particular issue posted for debates. Because of this, the Issues for Debates can be viewed as the engine of this entire science site as these issues will continuously determine the direction, the course, and the force of movement, evolution and growth that this site shall experience.
· A HomePage site for the Issues for Debates was created which you can enter into by clicking on the corresponding button located in the upper part of our FrontPage science site. Once you are in the Issues for Debates' HomePage, you can access to all Issues for Debates placed in various pages within this publication, both with respect to the five (5) Subject-Fields and with respect to the five (5) Core Sections listed above. All of this is accessed through two (2) corresponding Navigational Bars located in the heading of the Issues for Debates' HomePage.
· When an Issue for Debates affects all Subject-Fields, it shall be placed into the HomePage of one of the Core Section sites according to the type of issue involved. For instance, if the said issue is of a historical nature affecting all fields --it shall be placed into the HomePage of the Historical Scrutinities section, if it is of a foundational nature affecting again all fields--it shall be placed into the HomePage of Foundational Inquiries, and so on. However, when an Issue for Debates from a Core Section (say, again Foundational Inquiries) refers to only one Field, say Biology, it shall be placed into the corresponding page covering the Foundational Inquiries for Biology only.


To summarize, you can explore our science sites in three (3) different ways:

by Field,

by Section, and

by Issues for Debates.

Indeed, as noted above you can enter directly into any of the five (5) Fields of our publication by pressing on the corresponding Field from the main Navigational Bar of our FrontPage science site. You can also visit our science sites by choosing a Section and clicking on the appropriate Icon-button representing that Section or by clicking on a particular Field from the corresponding Navigational Bar of the said Section. Finally, as discussed above, a third way of exploring our science sites is through our Issues for Debates venue. For many, this third way will be the preferred way of exploring our science sites. If none of the issues presented for debates bears any interest, then there is no point to continue with your journey here except perhaps to post your suggested Issue for Debates in our Forum Letters. If on the other hand, you are interested in one or more issues presented for debates, then you can go quickly to everything published in our science sites with respect to each issue of interest covered in our Core Sections.


At any step of your journey you can switch from a passive traveler to an active participant, by suggesting new issues for debates to be considered or by expressing your views on the various topics and subjects covered here, and we hope, indeed, to welcome you into our large family of participants.


Finally, you are noticing on the left column of this page, pictures of some illustrious scientists from the past covering all fields of Natural Sciences and Philosophy. When this site becomes fully operational, when clicking on any of the picture here, you will be directed to the respective biographical article part of our Hall of Fame Historical Biographies. (For more information, check out our Hall of Fame stite which can be accessed from a number of places including our Science's Front Page. Also, in this regard, you may want to check the HomePage of our Historical Scrutinies section.)


Publishing Your Work Here

As noted above, all published articles are in response to an Issue for Debates posted in our site. The very first article to be published in response to a posted Issue for Debate shall have as its purpose and scope, whenever possible or feasible, to stir the subject at hand by inciting and challenging the established or prevailing theory or view and when necessary carrying the devil's advocate point of view. When no prevailing viewpoint or theory exists with respect to a particular subject for debate, the said very first article shall have the same scope and purpose namely to stir the interest in the subject at hand by presenting its daring point of view. For a lack of a better term, this very first article is called the  I n i t i a l  S t i r r i n g  article. Following this article, the next article to be published with respect to the issue at hand is an article designed to annihilate, demolish, and freeze in its tracks the Initial Stirring article published, and whenever possible or feasible, to present the subject of discussion through a different light and perspective &endash;&endash;that provided by the majority or the prevailing view. Again for a lack of a better term, this first counter article shall be called the  I n i t i a l   C o u n t e r i n g  article. As stated, the principal purpose and scope of an Initial Countering article is to annihilate, demolish and freeze in its tracks the Initial Stirring article. These two (2) initial articles, the Stirring and the Countering articles, shall form the foundation for all debates to follow with respect to the issue at hand. Because of this, these initial articles are referred also as the ground-level articles as they define the groundwork for the respective debate to follow.

Any articles to follow up in response to the ground-level, initial articles are called Debating articles. We will have numbered rounds of debates, Round 1 of debate, Round 2 of debate, etc., up to and including Round 5. No Issue for Debates shall be sustained for more than five (5) rounds. If an Issue for Debates reaches the five (5) rounds limit with outstanding lingering problems still persisting, then those outstanding problems shall be grouped and articulated as needed and placed, as a unit, into our List or Auxiliary List of Most Wanted Solutions following this criteria: if the Issue of Debates in question is from our Foundational Inquiries it shall be placed in the List, if not (i.e., if it is from Theoretical Studies, Discovery Reports, Focus Line, or Historical Scrutinies) it shall be placed into the Auxiliary List. A notable exception to this rule may apply to certain issues derived from the Theoretical Studies section, if it appears that those issues can transcend into other subjects or fields of studies, and thus, in a sense can be considered as fundamental. Theory of Gravity, for instance, is such an example.

An Issue for Debates, may not need to wait five (5) rounds of debates before it can be posted in the List or Auxiliary List of Most Wanted Solution, if it appears that no answers currently exist with respect to the said issue or that the irreconcilable viewpoints presented cannot be shaken from their respective grounds. In such a situation, an Issue for Debates posted shall be moved to the List or Auxiliary List of Most Wanted Solutions.

Once placed in The List or Auxiliary List, an Issue for Debates shall be elevated and considered to be extraordinary both in its depth and in its importance for the subject at hand. An Issue in the List or Auxiliary List indicates first and foremost that it needs to be handled and approached radically different than it was handled before, and that in all likelihood will need the attention of a new generation of scholars.

When someone is interested in opening an Issue from the List or Auxiliary List either to suggest a new approach or to present the solution itself, a written Application to Open the List (or the Auxiliary List) needs to be submitted outlining the exact nature and reasoning for seeking the opening of the Issue at hand. Should such an Application be weak in its arguments presented it shall be rejected with or without comment. Should, on the other hand, the Application appear to have merit, it shall be accepted and the author(s) be notified accordingly forthwith. Upon receiving such notification, the author (or authors) needs (or need) to submit as soon as possible the article in support of the Application dealing with the solution or the proposed new approach to the issue at hand. If the submitted article appears to back up the Application to Open The List or The Auxiliary List, then both these two (2) papers shall be published simultaneously in T h e  H a l l  o f  F a m e  F o r u m   o f  D e b a t e s  associated with the respective Field (Physics, Astronomy, etc.) to which the issue in question belongs. A mandatory one (1) year stay shall be imposed on each and every Issue entering the Hall of Fame Forum. During this time the respective Issue may be subjected to selected critical reviews. At the end of the year, we shall publish a document entitled Report on the State of the Issue where we shall review the status of the issue in question in relationship to the critical reviews received over the past year.

If no serious opposition was able to be mounted, the Issue shall be removed from the List or Auxiliary List and placed into The Hall of Fame of Most Wanted Solutions. The name, if not anonymous, of the author(s) submitting the solution to the Issue at hand shall be placed in our  H a l l   o f   F a m e   L i s t   o f   L a u r e a t e s  and they will receive our highest merit award entitled T h e   R e a l D e a l   C i t a t i o n   o f   H i g h   M e r i t   a n d   E x c e p t i o n a l   D i s t i n c t i o n . 

Should, on the other hand, over the past year credible opposition was able to be mounted, this will be noted in our stated Report on the State of the Issue and, at that time one of these two (2) actions can be taken: either the solution offered shall be dismissed, or the said issue shall extend its stay for another two (2) years of scrutiny in the Hall of Fame Forum of Debates. At the end of the 2-year extension time, we shall issue a new report entitled The 2nd Report on the State of the Issue. Should lingering questions still persist with respect to the solution provided and, if needed, modified, then the said solution --in its latest form of presentation will be dismissed. Should, on the other hand, the lingering problems and objections with respect to the solution at hand no longer pose a credible challenge, the said solution will finally enter into the  H a l l   o f   F a m e   S o l u t i o n s   and its author(s) shall receive our highest achievement award  -- T h e   R e a l D e a l   C i t a t i o n   o f   H i g h   M e r i t   a n d   E x c e p t i o n a l   D i s t i n c t i o n .

All matters related to publishing here are described in our page entitled "Publication Policy" which can be accessed by clicking on the button below or on the corresponding button from the FrontPage. As noted there, you can publish here either anonymously or with your real name. If anonymity is requested, this shall be respected and protected with stringency and a special ID code shall be assigned. Upon request, an anonymous author, at any time, can reveal his or her identity. With the exception of The Discovery Reports section, and, in rare occasions, of The Forum Letters section, only material that relates to a particular issue of debates shall be published herein.

Metaphoric "explanations" are outside the form of presentation within this publication, and they, as a matter of policy, shall have no place of coexisting with any reasoning or inference to be advanced in describing or explaining a physical phenomenon. All theories to be advanced within this publication must be based on sound logical inferences generated within the field or subject at hand and not be associated with results obtained from studies of other subjects or fields. In other words, we conclude by stressing again that the theory or the subject of discussion must be able to stand on its own feet and not be supported by various comparisons, analogies, and metaphoric descriptions derived from other phenomena or subjects of studies.


Some Legal Stuff

 All material published here is copyrighted by NatureQuest Publications, Inc., P.O. Box 381797, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02238-1797, USA. RealDeal® is a registered trademark of NatureQuest Publications, Inc.

The Email address concerning copyright issues as well as any other issues concerning NatureQuest Publications, Inc. is

Also inquiries concerning advertising on our pages, inquiries regarding tax-exempt contributions, and inquiries regarding sponsorship shall be directed to the same Email address.

 All published and unpublished material submitted for publication becomes the property of NatureQuest Publications, Inc.

 No part of this website can be reproduced or retrieved in any form or fashion and used for commercial purposes without the express written permission of the President of NatureQuest Publications, Inc. For personal and non-commercial use, permission is freely granted for reproduction and usage of any part of the RealDeal® science site.

 All copyright laws of the United States and corresponding International laws and Treaties shall be applicable to this site to the fullest and maximum extent.



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